Asimon's Breath


A small pearly white object imbedded on the temple of a favored individual that has been called by some races – Asimon’s Breath. The actual shape of the object will be drawn forth from the subjects self conscious and as such will vary every time. The object will scan and appear to be a pearl colored matrix crystal. These objects are bestowed only upon extremely favored individuals as the Asimon have limited time available to them with which they may respond to such calls.

• +20 Will Power – to a max of 130
• Mind Block of 10 (If natural Psi and Wil bonus exceed this, natural Mind Block is Dominant)
• Revitalize once per day as per the 5th level Essence Power, used at PC’s current level
• Mental Balm once per day as per the 7th level Essence Power, used at PC’s current level
• Ability to Withdraw from the current time and place.
o By using the Withdraw power, the PC in effect alters the flow of time with regard to himself or herself. While but one round of time passes for those not affected by the power, the PC is able to spend two rounds, plus one round per level, in contemplation. Thus, a 5th-level PC can withdraw for seven rounds to cogitate on some matter while one round passes for all others. While using the Withdraw power, the PC may take the following types of actions: information gathering, healing (on himself or herself only) or Call upon Asimon wisdom. The PC may move about slowly while in the Withdrawn state but may not take any offensive actions of any kind.
• Call Upon Asimon Wisdom
o PC may at any time he or she wishes “Call Upon Asimon Wisdom.” This will allow the PC’s to enter a state that is very much like the Withdraw power above but the time span is unlimited.
This power is designed to allow the PC’s commune with a wise force that can help them calm their spirits, solve problems, plan and so on. The PC will be able to speak with one or several Asimon when they evoke this power, the number available will be determined at random by the GM, if there is a specific Asimon that is well known to the PC that Asimon will be favored (but not insured) to be present.

The Asimon are there to provide advice that is philosophical in nature. While they are able to provide a great deal of hard data about anything going on in a great many universes they frequently will choose not to do so as they have restraints that they must abide by.


Asimon's Breath

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