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Team Prozac Synopsis - Start through the Battle of Sol
The first about 8 years.

Ucp crest flag



Heaven & Hell


Nicholas “Prophet” Seafort (Joe Podesta)
Jim “Jokeman” McIntyre (Bob Mulvey)

Jim & Nick have met Akuria & Daria Khan Jim & Nick have a notable dogfight in training fighter the night before their Sr. Assignments with Akuria & her wingman “Trag” a bad assed Quinian. Jim and Akuria strike up fun and purely physical relationship. Meanwhile Nick & Daria are becoming serious about each other.

1) “Raise the Condor” or “Deliverance 2612”

The Senior Assignment: The UCSS Condor, DD 21 was a “Manta” class destroyer, the Manta class was in use by the United Congress of Planets from approximately 2450 2550. The UCSS Condor was patrolling the Rigan border of the Congress on April 19, 2459 when she received a distress call from a civilian craft that was in danger of loosing life support just outside of Congressional space in the Nirvanan Corporate. The Condor was reported lost with all hands in 2469.

Recently the wreck of a vessel identified as the UCSS Condor was recorded in a previously uncharted system in unknown space, in what had been the Nirvanan Corporate. The initial scans of the vessel also state that the vessel is probably salvageable. Although there are examples of the Manta class, in existence there are very few that pre date the end of the First Prox Ima/Congress War. The PC’s were the second group chosen to salvage the UCSS Condor, the first team was sent the year before, they were side tracked (See Maco’s Misfits).

The Condor was a victim of mechanical failure brought on by heavy levels of radiation present in the area of the nearby star system. Today’s shields are strong enough to keep this out.

What Happened (in short): Nick is chosen to command the mission, Jokeman goes along. Three other cadets are also chosen for the mission; Cadet Emanuelle “Em” Arcurie, Cadet Amy Desgranges, and Cadet Syssrtip Skeessos.

Survivors were found, they had developed into two groups. One a group of inbred’s that behaved like sheep, the other a group of thugs that behaved like wolves. The thugs did not want their status quo upset so they tried to take out the PC’s but were woefully insufficient to the task.

While the PC’s tried to shake the Wolves they found a Nirvavnan base and a dieing Nirvanan. They were presented a “Map” for a mysterious artifact and necklaces that were described as loadstones.

With the help of the dieing Nirvanan – dubbed “Fred” the PC’s ditched the Wolves and made good their escape on a very rickety UCSS Condor.

2) “We Came Home Early and Met Tex”


Kiara “Baileys” Lifeson (Michelle Podesta)

The PC’s arrive Home much earlier than most cadets except for Daria Khan, Akuria Khan and a new ‘friend’ – Kiara “Bailey’s” Lifeson. Kiara meets the gang, she becomes quick friends with Akuria but distrusts her sister Daria. She also becomes friendly with Jokeman and Prophet.

Nick is busily trying to find someone he can trust to pawn off the Artifact the Nirvanan gave him. He writes to Admiral Damia Khan, no luck – then he asks Daria for help. She sets up a meeting for him with a ‘family friend’ at a bar off base called the Blue Pilot.

Meanwhile, Kiara tries to get away from it all by visiting an off campus bar, the Blue Pilot. She befriends an older man with a southern accent. They play pool, keep company and have a good but platonic time.

Little known to Kiara the man is Vice Admiral William “Cowboy” Donaldson here for the graduation of his adopted nieces. He is also here to meet with a friend of Daria’s (Nick).

After Kiara and Bill part he meets with Nick and is given the artifact (Nick does know who he is when he meets him).

Later in the week they all graduate with honors. Kiara turns beat red when her friend “Bill” comes up to congratulate her and he is dressed as a Vice Admiral!

3) The Graduation Party

Admiral Donaldson invites the friends of the Khan Girls to a graduation party at his ranch in Texas.

4) UCSS Samurai

Introducing supporting players:
Slim “Hobo” Drifter (Erik Wenson)
T.C. (“Tarenthial Carezon”) “” Azure (Tim Doran)
Krendra “Azreal” Hippe (Tanya Schechter)

The team is assigned as XO’s of Rose, Hellcat and Tomcat Squadrons. Nick is set up by Captain Siminoff in a political argument; Nick and Kiara kick the s—- out of each other in dogfight simulations and Team Prozac has it’s beginnings.

5) Dogfight!

After weeks of flirting with Prox-Iman Splinter Group (PSG) sensor ghosts the team gets it’s first taste of real combat.

After speaking with Akuria, Kiara decides she is going to profess her love for Nicholas. This does not go well. Nick and Kiara begin fighting.

The team learns that Admiral Donaldson returned from a mission to Lobat resigned his commission and left the UCP to marry Jane.

6) Raid on Vendibi

Because of their experience in their Senior Assignment (and their necklaces?), the team is chosen by MI in the person of Colonel Jill Carmelli to conduct a raid on the Vendibi system. MI belives the PSG has control of a “Stargate” in this system. They are given the use of an MI Phantom Class Insertion Vessel and it’s annoying, bad mannered AI, Clyde.

The team penetrates the system and accomplishes their mission in excellent fashion – they acquire a full download of information on the “Stargate” – but not before they are all scanned by some sort of blue light emanating from the gate itself.

Team Prozac is in rare form, during the mission they meet the Prox-Iman noble (Lord Nym Relauven-Ima) who is in charge, during a fight with Kiara he grabs for her and comes away only with a necklace she was wearing. The necklace was a silver bullet on a chain given to her by Cowboy. When the PSG noble sees it he chases Team Prozac out of the base shouting, “he’s alive-where is he?!”

7) Return of the Space Vampire

Cameo Appearance By:
Rear Admiral Damia Khan (Tanya Schechter)

Remember the blue light? Well it was special. The blue light was actually a Non Corporal Being (NCB) or Space Vampire (as dubbed in the Khan Campaign). It looked at the recon team and chose Ensign Olivia Kroeger to inhabit.

The NCB uses her to research the races and cultures of known space; it is on a recon mission essentially. Team Prozac doesn’t know she has been taken over, only that she is reading up on stuff that is innocent enough if taken separately but downright strange if looked at together. The Team speaks with Rear Admiral Damia Khan and comes up with the idea that there may be a connection to the Space Vampire she ran in to. Damia also hints at the activities that have been occurring around Lobat.

Team Prozac finds out they are right when they confront Ensign Kroeger. This is unfortunate for the Ensign as the NCB decides it has what it needs and it departs, completely draining Ensign Kroeger and leaving her a mummified husk.

8) The Werava

Cameo Appearances By:
Captain Ulysees S. Storm (Erik Wenson)
1st Lieutenant Anna Tarmage (Tanya Schechter)
(All other Misfits are played in NPC status)

Team Prozac is recruited by the MI – again (damn those necklaces) this time to go through a gate so that the MI can get a third set of coordinates and begin using the ‘map’ found in Deliverance 2612.

They work with Colonel Carmelli again and are introduced to Maco’s Misfits. Together with the Misfits they go to a planet on the other side of the galaxy, meet strange new mummified people, see them brought back to life, get caught in a battle between demons and angels and blow up a huge red orbit altering crystal. Not too bad, all in a days work.

9) Carmelli

After a very successful mission Carmelli arranges for medals, promotions and quick heal by mentats. Her efforts on behalf of Team Prozac are rewarded with scorn, derision and all around shitty attitudes. Carmelli decides that the three of them are assholes and OK’s their request to ship them out.

10) Leavus Interruptus

Cameo Appearances By:
Vice Admiral Ahab Khan (Erik Wenson)
Rear Admiral Damia Khan (Tanya Schechter)

The team goes to Texas for a well deserved leave, they find Cowboy in the woods near the ranch. He is drunk, unkempt and broken hearted. Lord Nym Relauven-Ima, an old enemy of Donalson, has killed his wife and unborn child.

The PC’s are contacted by some high and lofty personages and asked if they would undertake a dangerous mission. There is a wall of energy heading towards known space from out of the galaxy, it will destroy everything in it’s path.

The plan behind the first attempt seems solid so it is used again, it is believed that the Team’s experience with NCB’s will allow them to succeed. A special capitol ship shaped and nicknamed “the Brick” and three fighters have been designed to be able to enter the maelstrom and plant bombs to discorporate the wall.

Because of his experience with the unknown, Vice Admiral Ahab Khan is brought in to prepare the team for their mission.

During the training Kiara and Nick have it out, Kiara and Daria have a nasty Catfight and Jokeman pronounces his undying love for Akuria. The results: Kiara and Nick make up, Daria thinks Kiara is a dangerous psychopath and Akuria laughs at Jokeman.

11) All and All it’s Just Another Brick in the Wall

Team prozac   the wall

On the way out, Kiara plays a joke on Nick, Nick thinks it was Jokeman, he points a gun at Jokeman and Team Prozac is attheir best ever. Lt. Commander Contreras, Commander of the Brick, pulls Nick aside and reems him out, telling him he better find a way tomake this work. Jokeman goes to Contreras to ask that he do something and Contreras reems him out too.

After an ARI (alcohol related incident) the three have a nude romp and make up with much laughter and several Photos.

Nick was chosen to lead the mission. The Brick disappears shortly after launch. The fighters go in on their own; the fighters are battered but eventually find a base inside. They suffer various injuries as they manage to rescue some of the crew from the first Brick.

Unfortunately, their timetable is off and they are separated from Nick. The bombs go off and they wall comes down. Nick is believed lost.

They make their way back to Terra system. Nick is actually found days later by a Prox-Iman ship. The Team re-unites on Titan Base where they are awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their success.

12) “The Chamberlain Conspiracy” or “Leave Interruptus – Again”

A dead president, a phony live president, imperial plots, a retired Fleet Admiral, his retired staff, a lady makes pass at Jokeman, an Imperial Ball and paranoia. What does it mean? It means a declaration of war on the Imperium and Clusters to Team Prozac’s recent Congressional Medals of Honor.


13) St. George

Kiara and Jim are assigned as squadron CO’s on the fast attack carrier UCSS Patrick Henry where Robert is assigned. This is the same task force where the Andrew Jackson is assigned, Akuria’s ship. Nick is assigned to a Destroyer Escort based out of St. George and working with the 9th fleet.

14) Raid on Midway

The Patrick Henry and some DDE’s (including Nick’s Samuel S. Griffin) are sent to create a diversion so a sub can have time to do a recon in the system.

15) Battle of New Core

Task Group 9.2 tried to attack first and was repelled. TG 9.1 was to strike Midway but that was called off in order to hit New Core again.

16) Prozac! Prozac! Prozac!

17) Battle of Valentin

The Team takes part in the battle for Valentin.

18) The Corps

The Team meets the Hound Team “The Corps” for a recon on the Alcoea system. The Alcoea system is next in line.

19) Alcoea & Debacle
The recon goes bad. Team Prozac makes it out but the Corps is decimated.

20) Jim the Traitor

Back on Valentin Jim is accused of treason.

21) Battle for Alcoea

The Team takes part in the Battle of Valentin, Kiara gets the nick name “Boom Boom.” Commander Sosume is captured.

22) Nick Gets the Tempest

Nick is promoted to command the Destroyer Tempest. Picks it up on St. George, meets Cowboy.

23) Kiara Gets Arch Angel

Kiara is recruited to command a squadron of 10,000 ton Raptors – Arch Angel Squadron.

24) Rescue Sosume

Hillbilly organizes an unauthorized rescue of Commander Sosume.

25) Akuria’s Demons

Akuria goes AWOL to rendez-vous with her Prox-Iman lover.

26) Jim’s Choice

Jim follows her, she is split into a full human and full Prox-Iman. Forced to fight the human half, he kills her.

27) Reconnaissance in Force

“D” gives Kiara and Nick info about Avary civilians being held by the Imperium at Constantine who are about to be transported deep into the Imperium to be used as subjects in experiments. They mount a rescue effort.

28) Captured

The rescue is successful but, in order to allow everyone to get safely away Nick surrenders himself.

29) Temple of the Ker-Tal

Meanwhile, Jim has returned from killimg Akuria. Although he didn’t take Cowboy’s advice to think outside the box when going to find her Jim and friends are convinced that there is still on chance to save her – and involves the ancient long dead Prox-Iman Ket-Tal clan and a a lost tomb.

(Colonel Dallas Preston is introduced)

(Kiara mets Jonny Holiday and Zara Rowan on a stop over at the Ranch)

30) Liberation and Recovery

Cowboy convinces “D” that she is evil, that Nick was captured because she used him like she uses everyone and that if she ever had a single genuine feeling for him she would do WHATEVER it takes to get him out.

Nick is turned over to Imperial Loyalists in exchange for “D”. He spends time recuperating and falls for the beautiful daughter of the noble he was turned over to.

The UCP sends Jim, Kiara and the newly constituted Hound Team named “The Tunes” to retrieve Nick. “The Tunes” stay behind to help the loyalists in trade for their help with Nick. Nick, Kiara and Jim go to Valentin, Dobson shows up and becomes Nick’s personal Baatezu in making sure that he recovers. Eventually they reurn to Terra.

31) Summer Camp

Kiara is invited to take a slot in the next “Summer Camp”.

32) The Agincourt

Nick is given command of the Cruiser UCSS Agincourt. Jim is made his Strike Leader.

33) Bitter Harvest
Team Prozac uses the Agincourt’s shakedown cruise to find cowboy. As they track him they find the disturbing secret that finally drove Cowboy over the edge. He had befriended a family on a small colony world, they took to him and Cowboy was happy – briefly. Along came a Thyd that was trying to track Cowboy down for some reason. The Thyd infected the whole family and Cowboy was forced to kill them, including the children. As the children still looked very much human there deaths more than any other drove him over the edge.

When they finally catch up with Cowboy they find out he is working with the ESP and is about to catch up with the villains responsible for genetically engineering the Thyd Hunters. It turns out to be Nick’s Parents! Cowboy kills Nicks father but his mother escapes through a gate.

34) Through the Gate – The Other Side of the Universe

35) The Ginakari and the Matrix

36) Team Prozac to the Rescue

Team prozac   hell bent for orion

Team Prozac’s last performance together – at least for a while, they rescue the surrounded and embattled 10th Mountain Division on Orion.

While they do this they learn of the “Debacle at Core” and the Imperium’s counter attack.

The Imp counter attack has been made possible by their ability to bring their heavy ships to bear as much as 10 times faster than they should be able to.

37) Agincourt on Patrol


Lieutenant Catherine Shephard (Tanya Schechter)
Scan/Comm Chief UCSS Agincourt
Starman Dalene Holiday (Michelle Podesta)
Helm/Nav Department

Nick and the Agincourt do a War patrol with the UCSS Quantum Wolf and the UCSS Paris, a Buccaneer class sub and a Savage Mk 5 Destroyer. The commander of the Quantum Wolf is a knock out wise ass named Cat Caine and the skipper of the destroyer is a knock out air head type named Barbara “Babs” Waites. They take out several Imp warships, a couple precipitated by unwise moves by the Quantum Wolf.

As the Agincourt returns to the Congress Nick receives 2 orders:

1) His Scan/Comm Chief – Hank Webster is to be promoted to a battlecruiser as a Lt Cmdr. His replacement is Lt. Catherine Shepherd.
2) He is to return to Terra taking along the command crew of the Sub UCSS Seal to attend memorial services for Vice Admiral William Cowboy Donaldson (Retired).

As they head back to Terra Nick picks up some replacement crew amonst them are: Starman Dalene Holiday who turns out to be Johnny’s younger (?) sister and a medical Ensign by the name of Trudy Seafort who claims to be unrelated to Nick…

38) Femme Fatale’s – D’s Info


Lieutenant Anna Tarmage (Tanya Schechter)
Replacement Combat Engineer Femme Fatales

Dr. Rhys Bingham (Joe Podesta)

The Femme Fatales gain a new combat engineer to replace the injured Sgt. Tok who will be out of action too long to return to the Femmes.

Kiara’s hound team the Femme Fatales is sent on their first mission, to retrieve the Uncle of Alistar Tessemette. This Avary Duke supposedly has critical information about some archeological dig Marika has been interested in. It unclear however if the Duke is an Avary “changeling” planted in the resistance or a real survivor and patriot. The Femmes are assigned a civilian Archeologist to evealuate the data if there is a real dig site of some sort involved.

Once on planet Kiara ends up in a fight for her life with an unbelievably skilled opponent who is all of 5’ in height, it turns out to be D. The Duke is a changeling that D has captured and gained the information from. The information leads to some sort of a Dig Site that pre dates even the Star Raiders!

When the Femmes return to the Congress Kiara receives orders to proceed to Terra at best possible speed to attend memorial services for Vice Admiral William Cowboy Donaldson (Retired).

39) Cowboy’s Memorial

The newsholo’s are alive with stories of how Vice Admiral William Cowboy Donaldson (Retired) single handedly destroyed the legendary secret Pirate star port of Port Royale. Vice Admiral William Cowboy Donaldson (Retired) was one of the true heroes of our time the holos relate who gave his life in the accomplishment of this monumental task. Captain Donaldson was married and divorced but had no children. He is survived by his Cousin Jesse Holiday.

Because of the “Debacle at Core’ and the ensuing counter attack by the Imperium the UCP is in dire straights and civilian morale is at an all time low. The Congress uses Cowboys death as a public relations boost. Everyone shows up for the memorial, there are two – one just for family and friend at the Donaldson family ranch in Texas and a public one in Braveheart.

Everyone but Jim MacIntyre is there, unfortunately Jim has not been heard from since the Starlord launched it’s raid on Core.

It is an emotional time for all that brings surprises. Somehow, like Ahab – Cowboy came back from the dead. Although he claims nbot to understand how he says that as numerous Thyd piled on him and Port Royal began to explode he simply disappeared and reappeared alive on the ship of an old friend. He had reappeared with an object an statuette, when he knelt by a pool of water to consider his fait after waking – the object did the impossible and returned his Jane to him – still with child. Cowboy never fully explains this but he wants to be left for dead, he tells close family and friends that he is leaving the UCP for a new colony world and to start life over.

40) Crossover – Johnny’s Angels/Kidnapping, Nymphos and Squid

While at the Ranch Nick and Kiara help Commander Johnny Holiday save his friends Brin St Pierre and Zara Rowan from the clutches of the evil Pirate Kimur. The first time the two are saved it becomes known that Kimur has created a thyd duplicate for each of these women. These Thyd can also shape change.

Well they aren’t on the ranch long when Brin is killed by her boy friend Lt Tom Cody. Apparently this was not Brin but one of the shape changing Thyd. Nick and Kiara help Johnny get Brin back from the evil clutches of a pirate who inflicts aphrodes on women and enslaves them. It is believed Kimur is killed in this action.

41) Nick’s Siblings

Unknown to Nick he has two siblings – Trudy Seafort and Conroy Seafort, Conroy is the power of the two. He has an amazing Psi that was augmented years ago when he donned and became one with a Star Raider Assassin symbiote. This individual is evil thourgh and though and sees every problem in his life as being spawned by Nicholas – his younger brother. Trudy is a shell, her mind is Conroy’s play thing and he has molded her and gained her a position on Nick’s ship so he can do Nick in.

Conroy has no plans on killing Nick, that is too good for him, he is going to ruin everything that Nicholas Seafort is. Through the use of the suit he is going to make Daria his love – cheat on him, his friend Kiara who is finally over him, kill Daria and finally lure Nick up to his own ship where he plans to frame (or through Psionics force) Nick for raping and then brutally Murdering Daria. With the assistance of his new Comm/Scan who has psionic powers and his friends Kiara, terry Dobson, Cowboy and Arthur Forrestal, Nick tries to make it to the Agincourt alone but is followed by Kiara and Catherine. Nick goes to the bridge and confronts Trudy and many of the crew who have been made puppets by Conroy. As this starts going badly Kiara and Catherine are facing down Conroy in Nick’s quarters having barely saved Daira from the fate Conroy had in mind. He is killed but the Assasin Symbiote teleports the body – minus one arm, away…
In the battle many are injured and Kiara looses her leg, but Nick uses the Crystal given to him by the Plant Planet and he heals everyone this one time.

42) Ketoi – Dawn of the Krang Mother

The information Kiara obtained in when she confronted D identified a mysterious ancient alien dig site on the main habitable planet of the Ketoi system. For this mission the Femmes were teamed with the UCSS Buccaneer under Captain Tom Dodge so that they could penetrate deep into space held by the Imperium.

Kiara knows approximately where she needs to look so she takes an MI phantom class shuttle down with her team. Upon landing the Femmes begin to investigate the area but find no dig site. They find some reading in a wide area but no obvious signs of the site. As they search an old lunatic named “Hugh” verbally accosts them. He ranted and raved about the “Krang Mother” and “the key to the Krang.” He also kept going on about, “the Statue is The Key but The Key is not The Statue” and “Holstein, yes, yes! I am worked for him!” Eventually he gave them the clue to where the dig site was. When they find it under a hill it is covered by a base built by a Mark Holstein. As they get inside they are attacked by some active security drones, Anna Tarmage shuts them down by ripping out the network connections between the CPU and these things – it was too easy.

Eventually they find that the last Emperor before Marika – Narod Core had control of this place. Then Marika took it from him and ripped the place apart took everything she could find, blasted the ruins below the base and left it.

One of the things she blasted was the bases’ artificial person, known as a 3rd. A bot programmed by Narod rebuilt him (his name is Perry Core) and used him as the CPU for the base. Marika had ripped out the CPU when she went through the place.

One of the few rooms still intact in the dig site had a statue of 4 Tar Aym reaching up and touching each others finger tips. They were huge statues that formed the columns of a large rotunda. At the place where the statues hands joined the was a hole where something was missing. It was a special matrix crystal – known as the key. The bot that rebuilt Perry used it as his new power source (Narod planted this idea) “The Statue is The Key but The Key is not The Statue.”

The hounds hav e to make their way back to their shuttle but they have been discovered by a company of Imperial Dog soldiers. By the time the Femmes finish with them the Imps are running for home screaming for reinforcements and claiming an armored unit hit them.

On the way back Anna and the doctors are able to get Perry conscious, his memory has been horribly shot and while he hopes he may be able to provide more information once repaired he has little for the Femmes now. What he does remember is whom he was and some of how he got there and that someone named Talonne Caldecotte had come to that dig site before Narod but after Holstein and took something referred to as “the map” in his memory.

Kiara knows that Nick’s orders had put him under he command of a Commodore Caldecotte at Canis Major. Kiara and the Femmes race home with their information and Perry.
Once in the UCP Kiara meets up with Alistar on the Jutland and they declare their love for each other. Anna and Dr. Bingham also become an item.

43) The Battle of Canis Major

While Kiara is at Ketoi Nick and the Agincourt are sent at the head of a 5-ship task force (another cruiser and 3 destroyers) to augment the forces at Canis Major. With them are a couple of Connestoga class destroyers with the Congresses best home for hanging on.

The war has gone bad, the Imps have blown through Trent, taken Leo Major and are moving on Lucky Dutch. No one has been able to figure out how the Imps are moving their ships.

Commodore Caldecotte at Canis Major will have about 50 ships, 30 of which will be DDE’s. He is sure to be outnumbered – if he loses Canis Major the Imps will be able to move on the Krattus Colony one of the UCP’s major shipyards. The UCP must protect it’s major ship yards (Krattus, New Richmond and Titan) or the end is sure to come.

The only thing Caldecotte has going for him is the secret weapon Nick is bringing with him. A new development of the R&D yards at Titan. ECM Torpedoes and The Hammer Missile. The ECM has the ability to take down a capital ships shield briefly and the Hammer has the ability to deliver Proton Cannon level damage from a fighter. The catch is that to accomplish this – the Hammer is the dumbest missile ever built – strictly dumb fire.

These are new tactics and Nick sees an opportunity to lure the Imp heavies in and smash them. Caldecotte give him a go to try his plan, the losses are horrible but The UCP prevails! They hold at Canis Major and send the Imp’s home missing almost 75% of the ships they came in with.

During the Battle Lieutenant Shephard gets a scna of a new Imperial ship that does not enter combat and bears an engine type that resembles the one that rescued the 9th and 11th fleet. This is it; these mystery ships are the way the Imps are bringing their heavies to bear.

44) Take the Reindeer!

Before Nick heads back Commodore Caldecotte send Nick to investigate a large number of bogies heading in to Canis Major that seem to be Imperial. When he finds them they are flying Imp IFF signals and have CAP’s of old Imperial Aggressors and Pilums (what is wrong here. As the Agincourt close for a better look a voice comes on the comm. hooting and hollering, “I got ya now son!” It turns out to be a UCP Sub – The Howler accompanying elements of the 11th Fleet that has been pushing hard to get back to Sol to help in it’s defense. They report having contacted about 25 Imp ships a week or so back and destroyed them it is reasoned that these were the survivors of the Battle of Canis Major. Katta LaMorte – the Captain of the Patrick Henry when Team Prozac was on her, commands this portion of the 11th.

Nick is sent with Caldecotte’s carrier (UCSS Comstock) back to try to help Sol.

As Nick races back so does Kiara and as this happens the Imp’s have broken through Lucky Dutch and are heading for Sol system. If Sol system falls it will essentially cut the UCP in half effectively winning the war for the Imperium.

Katta sends the Comstock, the Agincourt and two destroyers ahead to try to scout. As they near Terra they rendezvous with the Buccaneer. As they rendezvous a large group of Imp ships (200 or so) drop from Hyper they have 3 mystery ships with them and one seems to be having engine problems. These ships are escort ships and troops transports – a lot of them. The Imperial ground forces bound for Terra!

On the spur of a moment the captains available decide to use their marines, the hounds and the Buccaneer in a daring attempt to board and take over an operational mystery ship. Before they do so they send a message to Terra telling Titan Command what they are planning. The message that comes back is that all forces available are to make this their priority mission – that includes the hounds. If they are successful they are to move the ship to Sol system at best possible speed. When they come in system they will look for a vessel that will identify itself as “Norseman” the ship they are boarding will have the call sign of Reindeer.

The boarding action happens under the cover of the subs cloak. The losses are staggering, they fight Utopian Alpha’s that are amongst the best ever seen, 1 actually looks like Jirel (a combat leader) and another looks like D (the ship commander). While the boarding action rages Anna Tarmage fights her own battle to subdue an AI CPU that has the ability to attack and kill. While the Jirel copy takes down almost 30 Marines before going down, Anna beats back and shuts down the murderous AI and the ship is taken – or so it seems. The D copy makes herself known and nearly takes out Kiara and Nick in her attempt to blow up the ship before she too goes down.

With the ship in their hands the combined crew races for Sol praying they are in time to make a difference.

45) The Battle of Sol

While Nick and Kiara race home with their newly acquired ship Johnny Holiday and crew have brought home from deep space a potential secret weapon that may save the day.

The Reindeer comes in systems and nearly runs into the UCSS Pelanor, an Excalibur class super carrier. In system are about 250 Congressional warships, everything the UCP can muster (the 509 or so ships of the 11th are not here yet). The Imps are expected to have in excess of 600 warships; this may be the Congresses darkest hour.

Somehow Johnny and his crew have acquired an intelligent and massive matrix crystal – Billy. Billy has the ability to generate a type of energy that will create huge explosions in hyperspace. The decision is made to mount as much energy as Billy can muster on to Planet Buster Missiles and launch it into hyper as the Imp’s arrive. Hopefully destroying most ships in the conflagration.

While this all happens Starman Holiday and her marine body guard are running errand for Nick and stumbles on something sinister in the bowels of the ship…


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